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Each tip size is suitable for metal thickness as specified in the chart. 1 2 Air Cap No.

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When ordering DeVilbiss spray guns the part number includes information on the specific gun model air cap and fluid tip you will receive.

Devilbiss tip size chart. Devilbiss offers special air caps for a wide range of applications eg. Devilbiss tip size chart stream Please refer to above chart for the combination of air cap and fluid tip size. S R o Ȟt j 2 m 9 nP d jj.

Fluid tip with air separator seal SPA-27-K5. HVLP air caps or air. For a tip with a 015 orifice and a 10-12 fan pattern order 632515.

DeVilbiss 20mm TIP Needle KIT STARTINGLINE Spray Gun. Womens French Clothing Size Chart. Fluid Tips Cup Air Caps 703517 13 14 15mm Uncupped TE20 HV30 703567 12 13 14mm Uncupped TE10 TE20 703566 12 13 14mm 900cc Aluminum TE10 TE20 Uncupped guns include disposable cups adapter GRAVITY FEED GUNS Approved by EPA SCAQMD and most HVLP areas.

TYPICAL COATINGS USED WITH TYPICAL SOLIDS BY VOLUME VISCOSITIES. Increase or decrease the air. These stainless steel pieces allow for precise spray so that you can continue to create flawless finishes.

Fluid tip with air separator seal SPA-27-K5. Approved in most HVLP areas. Paint Gun Tip Size Chart.

On Tip 5 Ref. On Air Cap Order AV-440-410 AV-440-414 60 psi 50 psi 40 psi 30 psi Type of Fluid Delivery S Suction P Pressure S P P 410 414 Air Cap With Ring Ref. Most painters will stay in the range of 12 to 20 mm unless the paint being applied is specialized.

8ȔEP2 V1 i EI v G X 0 ߁mLq De – JF H- D 2-. Selecting the Proper Nozzle Tip Choosing the proper nozzle tip size for your high-volume low-pressure HVLP paint gun is absolutely critical for a quality paint. In the real world the selection must also take into account the viscosity of the material.

All blue numbers are active links. DG Nozzle Size 121314 MM DGLV Air Pressure 29 PSI Air Comsumption 99 CFM Basecoat BC Nozzle Size 13 MM 13 MM Air Pressure 29 PSI 36 PSI Air Comsumption99 CFM 5179 CFM Basecoat Envirobase Nozzle Size 12 MM W400WB Model Air Pressure 29 PSI Air Comsumption99 CFM Clearcoat D890 Nozzle Size 121314 MM D893 Air Pressure 29 PSI D894 Air Comsumption 99 CFM. Fluid Tips Cup Air Cap.

HVLP Air Cap Tip Selection Chart EGHV and TGHV Viscosity Cup Reference. DeVilbiss offers a variety of replacement needles nozzles and tips as well as. DEVILBISS KK-4987-2 GUN REPAIR KIT SI-2-25-28 SERVICE MANUAL FOR DEVILBISS KK-4987-2 GUN REPAIR KIT.

DeVilbiss FLG-332-22K – DeVilbiss Spray Gun Fluid Tip and Seal Kits. 13 mm or 14 mm nozzle tips are very universal and these cover most of the materials we use on the industrial side. PDF-16 Paint Gun Tip Size Chart.

See chart and reference in manual page 6. Data Dosen Program Studi TIP. 18 Seconds 4 Ford 22 Seconds ZAHN 2 22 Seconds 4 Ford 24 Seconds ZAHN 2 28 Seconds 4 Ford 30 Seconds ZAHN 2 Spray pattern size dependent upon type of feed material viscosity and air cap pressure.

For spraying clear coats on small parts and projects we recommend a 12mm tip. Only 3 left in stock – order soon. Devilbiss SN-69-K Spray Head Seal Kit Suits GTI PRO Pro Lite Regular price 8999 8999.

Fluid Tips 12mm 13mm 14mm 15mm Order No. Devilbiss PRI Pro Lite Parts and Spares. Devilbiss air cap nozzle ing thread size chart printable spray gun basics how to choose the right spray tip graco tc pro 312 0 012 in tip tcp312.

For spraying a whole car a 13mm tip is recommended. Replaces DeVilbiss CAT. H OQ E n.

Ø 06 085 10 mm. PDF-16 DeVilbiss 803560 FinishLine Primer Spray Gun Kit. Increase or decrease the air pressure until even particle size is achieved.

Devilbiss GTI PRO LITE Fluid Needle Fits 12mm 13mm 14mm – PRO-301-K. Carlisle Fluid Technology europe based in bournemouth england dietzenbachgermany and valence france manufacture all types of industrial spray finishing equipment and accessories Find many great new used options and get the best deals for 15mm Fluid Tip for Devilbiss FINISHLINE 3 or 4 HVLP. MP Rencana Studi.

When sizing tips it is important to know the fan width and the flow rate of the paint you want to apply. Fan Width of a spray pattern is measured at 12 from the surface. The 14mm tip is perfect for base coats and metallic as the droplet size allows the particles to self-orient to eliminate streaking and mottling.

For a tip with a 015 orifice and a 10-12 fan pattern order 632515. Aircap-Fluid Tip Combination. Clear coats are not commonly used in industrial painting so this is a common process used to maximize gloss.

DeVilbiss Pry here if necessary Chart 1 No. When purchasing a paint gun make sure it can accommodate the needle size you are looking for. V 71 mS X q i.

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