Hong Kong Ring Size Conversion Chart

Find your ring size using our finger size chart below. Bar charts are also very valuable if you would like to find out more about the frequency of particular events eg.

What Ring Size Is 6 5 Cm Circumference

International Ring Size Table.

Hong kong ring size conversion chart. There are several systems for indicating a rings size used around the world. This measurement refers to the inside diameter of the ring. Ring size conversion chart.

This is a conversion chart for Asian ring size Ring Sizes in Japan China Korea Hong Kong Taiwan Singapore. International Ring Conversion Chart Please note that different countries use different sizes so please compare and convert your ring size using the International Conversion Chart on page. To create your own ring sizer print and cut the strip below.

CHOW SANG SANG HONG KONG RING SIZES. 44 Zeilen Hong Kong China Taiwan Japan Singapore and Macau. India China Japan South America Turkey Israel.

Place the ring over the circles below lining up the inside edge of the ring with the circle nearest in size. If you already know your ring size and just need to convert it to another scale see our international ring size conversion chart below. 54 Zeilen British ring size.

If your desired ring size scale is missing please update us and well add it. All 25karats rings are manufactured in US standard ring size. For example if your ring size is J½ in.

Use ring size chart to determine your ring size. That is the size you should order. Then click the Convert Me button.

Ring sizes vary by country. The chart below isnt being deceitful worrying the data but its deceptive. Measure ring size with a finger strip chart.

You can also go to the universal conversion page. If you want to determine ring size from measurements please see our ordinary ring size charts. Diameter mm United States Canada Europe UK Australia South Africa India China Singapore Japan Hong Kong.

To switch the unit simply find the one you want on the page and click it. Making a purchase of Diamond Jewellery or wedding rings online or instore requires that you provide an accurate finger size measurement. Insert the narrow end of the sizer through the cut here slot.

Displaying sizes in both metric and imperial for the mosts recognised international standards. Use a piece of thin strip paper or threads wrap it around your finger make sure the paper is below the joint of your finger and close to your knuckle. UK Australia South Africa.

Ring Size Conversion Chart International Ring Sizes. The Asian ring size scale is based on a numerical scale starting at 1 and is used in China Japan Hong Kong Singapore Macau Taiwan and other South East Asian countries. Mark the spot where the paper meets and measure the distance with your ruler.

Italy Spain Netherlands Switzerland. If your size is between two sizes opt for the larger of the two. Select a ring that properly fits the intended finger.

With numbers on the outside place the loop around your finger and pull until the fit is snug but comfortable. Official International Ring Size Conversion Chart. Enter the value you want to convert Asian ring size.

United Kingdom Australia New Zealand South Africa Ireland. In the United States Canada and Mexico for indicating a rings size uses a numerical measure for whole and half rings sizesAn increase of a full ring size is an increase of 0032 inch 08128 mm in diameter or roughly 110 inch in inside circumference. 25 Zeilen Hong Kong Size American Size United Kingdom Size Japan Size Switzerland Size 141 6 3.

If you live in another country measure your finger and then use the International Ring Size Chart below to convert your size to the corresponding US size. Size 13 169 mm Size 14 173 mm Size 15 177 mm Size 16 18 mm Size 17 183 mm Size 18 187 mm Size 19 19 mm Size 20 194 mm Size 21 197 mm Size 22 201 mm Size 23 204 mm Size 24 208 mm Size 25 211 mm Size 26 215 mm Size 27 218 mm Size 28 222 mm Size 29 225 mm Size 30 Chow Sang Sang Hong Kong SAR ring sizes. In this page you find a ring size conversion chart.

Germany Russia Ukraine Asia. International Ring Size Conversion How to Measure your finger size. An Asian size 1 ring corresponds to a US size 1¾ and at the larger end of the spectrum an Asian size 27 is equivalent to a US size 13.

The frequency of e-mails you get over the day. US Canada Mexico ring size chart Inches UK Ireland Australia NZ ring size chart Inches and MM Japan China and South America ring size chart MM Italy Spain Netherlands ring size chart MM. Ring Size Conversion Chart Hong Kong Source.

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