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How to choose your first kiteboarding kite size. The center column is mid-range kites and the right is high wind kite recommendations.

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Kite size chart by weight. Under 150 lbs 136cm-148cm. This form can be used to calculate the perfect quiver for kitesurfers. It is based on formulas in the Kiteboarding Calculator spreadsheet developed by James Douglass.

If you enjoy riding slightly overpowered with a bigger kite relative to wind force eg. Approximate kite sizes for the beginners. If you fall outside this weight range please contact us see contact details on wwwkitesurfNOWeu and well be happy to help.

Sam has contributed this formula that could assist you choosing the right kite size. This is the standard for most riders. How to choose the right sized kite revolves around the combination of 2 factors the wind speed and the riders weight.

Kite manufacturers give wind range with every kite they sell. Youll want to pick a good all-around mid-range kite for your weight the goal being to maximize your water time in the conditions that youll be riding in. Getting overpowered is no fun at all and you might get hurtIf in doubt use a smaller kite rather than larger kite.

The left column is light wind kite recommendations. Choosing the right kite size for the combination of wind conditions and your body weight is a critical for safe and enjoyable kitesurfing. Kite sizes range from a tiny 3 meters to a huge 20 meters and kitesurfers will be out riding in conditions from 6 knots to 50 knots so theres certainly plenty of sizes to choose from.

Reference the list below of the rider weight to best first kite size approximately. The correct kiteboard size based on the weight of a kite surfer. For example a 12m² kite.

Using a 12m kite in 20 knots then you want a smaller kiteboard eg. This wind range indicates the speed of wind the kite should be used for. Click here for instructions.

Reduce length if you. How to pick a mid-range kite by your weight. Kites range in size from about 5 – 17 meters number relates to squared meters of fabric area.

Kitsurfing board and kite size calculator. This size will get you out on the water most windy days depending on where you live. This table is based on a beginner to intermediate level kite surfer with a standard freeride twintip kiteboard.

120 lbs 5 m 2 121 – 150 lbs 7 m 2 151 – 175 lbs 9 m 2 176 – 200 lbs 11 m 2. Another key aspect to consider when choosing the right board size for your weight is how you like to ride in terms of kite power. Ive included a kiteboarding size chart that you can reference.

How to choose your first kiteboarding kite size Kiteboarding Size Chart Included Uncategorized 29012020. 58 kg 16 knots x 22 79 so use an 8m kite. Over 200 lbs 150cm-165cm.

Weight kg wind knots x 22 size of kite you should be using Eg. 132x40cm to make up for that extra power and more easily edge and hold to control the kite power. The calculated kite size is based on the assumption that a correct size surfboard is used for wave riding and matches the riders weight.

Kite sizes are determined according to here weight and wind speed. The calculated kite size is based on the assumption that a mid-size twintip kiteboard with mid-rocker and straps is used for freeriding and matches the riders weight. So there is a page for a rider of 50 kg 55 kg 65 kg 70 kg 75 kg and so on up to 100kg.

We dont recommend going out in wind greater than 40 knots. Add more length to board if learning in light wind areas. Most people will ultimately need at least two kites One for lower winds and one for higher winds.

Kiteboarding Size Chart. Recap when choosing the right kite board size. Finds out the kite size.

We usually need at least 12 knots to kitesurf with a twin tip and even then with a big kite over 11m². 150 200 lbs 145cm-160cm. The target windspeed is the windspeed sweet-spot you want to build your quiver around.

Kite is much than the weight of the air craft with wing exteriors that operate against the air to create lift and pull. The Kite Choice Equation. This is a general and indicative overview.

Each page gives the guidance for a given rider weight. Choose first board size according to weight. With that being said most average sized riders 140-190lbs would want to start with a 12m kite.

A small riders first kite will be in the single digits and that of a larger rider will be in the double digit range. 133 x 40cm for riders 50 -70kg 136 x 41cm for riders 60-80kg 139 x 42cm for riders 80 -90kg. 21L for 50-75kg rider 23L for 70-90kg rider 26L for 85kg rider.

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