Lake Sturgeon Size Chart

The information in this chart has been compiled through various resources including the BC Fraser River White Sturgeon study program. Lake Sturgeon Length-Girth-Weight Estimation Chart Length is the maximum distance from the sturgeons nose tip to the end of the dorsal lobe of the tail.

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The largest freshwater fish in the northern hemisphere belong to the sturgeon family.

Lake sturgeon size chart. The lake sturgeon can vary in size up to 396 pounds. The information in this chart has been compiled. Lake Sturgeon have a total length between 36-72 91-183 cm body height of 55-11 14-28 cm and an overall.

The lake sturgeon is a docile fish despite its intimidating look and size. They are also called rock sturgeon. The Lake Sturgeon Acipenser fulvescens is not only a valuable gourmet food fish but their caviar and isinglass are also used as specialty products.

Maximum Girth Inches 13. Information will be published after a short review. Because they are bottom feeders they have barbels near their mouth for locating prey.

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Total Length Centimeters s r e t e m i. The beluga sturgeon can reach a length of 24 feet 7 m and a weight of 3500 lbs 1500 kg. 0 For example.

Mesh sizes I use range up to 12 stretch measure nets. WHITE STURGEON WEIGHTAGE CHART LENGTH Ft 31. Girth is best measured with a flexible seamstress tape measure.

Mercator some Stats may include nearbyconnecting waterbodies. Generally gill nets are extremely size selective for lake sturgeon. These organs called barbels help the sturgeon to locate bottom-dwelling prey.

The Lake Sturgeon anglers fish for in the Midwest and Canada have the potential to grow over 6 feet long and 100 pounds. Alberta Lake Sturgeon Length-Girth-Weight Relationship Chart. Lake sturgeons can grow to a relatively large size topping 725 ft 22 m long and weighing over 240 lb 108 kg.

The largest freshwater fish in the world is the beluga sturgeon. This freshwater fish has been declared endangered since 2004 due to the demand for its eggs that are sold as caviar. This chart shows the AVERAGE sizeweight ratio actual age may vary.

In the smaller lakes mayflies and aquatic sow bugs were also taken frequently. The lake sturgeon is the oldest and largest native fish species in north america s great lakes. Growth in length is rather rapid during the first few years with the fish attaining the former legal size of 30 inches in about 7 years.

Alberta Lake Sturgeon Length-Girth-Weight Relationship. Heavily fished for the female s valuable roe known as. Individuals up to 1900 mm have been captured by anglers but the largest sturgeon I have sampled is 1668 mm.

Lake Sturgeon Length-Girth-Weight Estimation Chart 110 113 115 118 121 123 120 128 131 134 137 139 142 145 148 150 153. Data for this table is based on fish captured from Lake. Girth is the maximum circumference on the sturgeons body usually measured slightly behind the pectoral fins.

76 57 62 66 71 76 81 86. Lake Sturgeon Length-Girth-Weight Estimation Chart 3 G i r t h i n i n c h e s w i d e s t c i r c u m f e r e n c e a r o u n d s t u r g e o n Length in inchestip of snout to end of tail Length in inches Average Age Minimum age Maximum age Approximate ages for lake sturgeon of various lengths 3 Length is the longest length you can measure. Mean total lengths of sturgeon sampled by mesh size are.

Therefore because lake sturgeon take a long time to mature recovery in population size. Lake Sturgeon Length-Girth-Weight Relationship. Total Length Inches 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80.

One caveat however data that generated the chart were from the Lake of the Woods population of lake sturgeon and other populations may be different. Tap to download actual size chart. Although conditions for lake sturgeon have improved in many ways recovery has been slow or absent and few efforts have been directed specifically towards sturgeon recovery.

The lake sturgeon has four purely sensory organs that dangle near its mouth. CLICK HERE TO VIEW PURCHASE Z LEADERS STURGEON RIGS. The average weight for a 55 inch long Lake Sturgeon with a 25 inch girth is 48 pounds.

Values in the ta-. 8 – 1034 mm 10 – 1193 mm and 12 – 1259 mm. Lake sturgeon do not reach sexual maturity until 14-33 years of age Harkness and Dymond 1961 and evidence exists for spawning-site fidelity Auer 1999.

If you like to fish for big freshwater fish there are none larger than Sturgeon. Beluga sturgeon the largest available sturgeon species can reportedly reach up to 10 meters and 4 500 pounds in size though around 5 to 7 meters and 2 500 pounds seems to be more normal.

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