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Available in both Bright Nickel and Black. We made multiple tests using Momoi Diamond Line with a diameter of 128 mm and a stated strength of 130 pounds which actually broke at 240 to 260 pounds.

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Slide the line through the eye of the swivel.

Mono crimp size chart. Slide the crimping sleeve onto the monofilament line. 0026 inch 066 mm 2 or 3. Now the thimble should be closed around the eye of the swivel.

1 Rigging Trolling Lures – When rigging trolling lures anglers use anywhere from 40LB mono all the way up to 600Lb monofilament. How To Crimp Monofilament Fishing Line. Size 08 Crimp Sleeves on ruler 8 mm.

0020 inch 051 mm 1. Anzeige Produkte für Gewerbe und Wissenschaft. Put the thimble inside the crimpers and close the thimble.

0096 244mm for 400-480 cable or 200-400 mono 14 Crimp Size. 068 173mm for 175-275 cable or 130-200 mono 10 Crimp Size. 20 Zeilen Lindgren Pitman Monofilament Leader Size.

0013 inch 033 mm 0 or 1. Mola recommends the smallest diameter sleeve in which the leader can still pass through albeit tightly versus a sleeve that is slightly larger and easier for the line to navigate. 0012 inch 030 mm 0 or 1.

1203 1214 1215 updated 012721 supersedes chart of 11221 2004. General crimp specifications sae cross reference chart 316 – 3-12 hose sae spec description 100r7 thermoplastic hose 3107 100r8 3108 100 r14 ptfe. Use these all new super strong copper alloy connection sleeves with our Premium Nylon Coated Stainless Steel wire and uncoated stranded wires.

Use size 4 for downrigger cables. The latter has more slippage potential. 0044 112mm inside diameter for 90 to 175 cable or up to 100 mono 7 Crimp Size.

Ive found a few charts but some of the mono I have lands between what they list – for example I have some TripleFish 150 lb mono I want to use for a tail leader on the shark rigs – but the charts go from a 13mm sleeve for 125 lb test right to 16mm for 200 lb test. 8 Sized as follows. Kraze worldwide fishing crimps size charts crimps page 2 downeast boat forum crimping insights sheath dress with sleeve variants rab clothing size chartsHow To Aluminum Crimp Sleeve Size ChartMono Crimp Size Chart KoskinMono Crimp Size Chart KoskinJinkai R Sleeves TackledirectCrimp Chart ToskinCrimping Selection The Hull Truth Boating And Fishing ForumCrimps Page 2 Downeast.

Beading Wire Size. 0015 inch 038 mm 1. A large size 80 hook attached to wire line with a heavy crimp.

Youll have to move up to the next size. 0030 inch 076 mm 3. Then the proper crimping procedure becomes even more important.

0036 inch 091 mm 3. Formerly number 08 Outside Diameter across wide portion. Anzeige Produkte für Gewerbe und Wissenschaft.

0021 inch 053 mm 1. Therefore sleeves are grouped into broader categories such as 13mm sleeves for 150 200 lb test mono 16mm sleeves for 220 to 250 lb test mono etc etc. 0018 inch 046 mm 1.

Unled pro rigger br heavy duty round crimping on mono and cable salt water how to aluminum crimp sleeve size chart crimps page 2 downeast boat forum How To Aluminum Crimp Sleeve Size ChartSleevesSleevesJinkai R Sleeves TackledirectKraze Worldwide Fishing Crimps Size ChartsSleeves300pcs Box Double Barrel Crimping Sleeves Copper Tackle Connector 0 8 2 2mm. 0010 inch 025 mm 0 or 1. Standard sized crimps are usually 8mm in length.

116 294mm for 600-900 cable or 400-500 mono. In this example a 16-millimeter sleeve. However mini crimps which are around 5mm in length are very popular now with many anglers preferring the smaller streamlined size of this type of crimp.

0024 inch 061 mm 2 or 3. Five sizes to choose from. Slide the thimble through the eye of the swivel.

You can crimp 80 and 100Lb mono and you can also tie knots with this mono but when you start going 200Lb you really need to start crimping. 4 Crimp Size. All crimp dimensions on imported products match the corresponding domestic product crimp dimensions.

Crimping On Mono And Cable Salt Water Sportsman Crimps page 2 downeast boat forum ande premium finish 2lb bulk spool mono fishing line clear how to aluminum crimp sleeve size chart crimping sleeves thimbles stop blue ocean tackle hyaena 500pcs 0 6mm 1 4mm single copper crimp sleeve set 250pcs. Our first tests used a series of hand tools and L-mini sleeves which had a 13-mm internal diameter and were 26 mm long. In terms of the length of crimps it is mostly down to personal preference.

Please see return policy at bottom of page. It should not be able to escape. If your 200-pound mono has a diameter of 148 millimeters a 13-millimeter sleeve will be too small for that line.

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