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00 44 161 223 1990 – Email. Nominal Size in Diameter of Bow.

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For shackles larger than 125 metric tons where the angle of the side load is greater than 5 degrees contact Crosby Engineering.

Shackle size chart. Anzeige Niedrige Preise Riesen-Auswahl. D1 d Trade size Inner width a Inner length c Eye outer d2 Screw. Bow Shackle Specifications Alloy Steel Bow Shackle Specifications.

Weight Each lbs Dimensions in Tolerance – A B C D E F G H L M P C A 38 2 1017450 31 66 44 144 38 103 91 178 249 25 203 38 13 06 716 2-23 1017472 38 75 50 169 44 116 106 203 291 31 238 44 13 06. Bolt Type Anchor Shackles Nominal Size in Working Load Limit t Stock No. Carbon Shackle 61.

Anzeige Niedrige Preise Riesen-Auswahl. The theoretical reserve capability of carbon shackles should be as a minimum 5 to 1 and alloy shackles a minimum of 5 to 1. Minimum size of Shackles Body diameter not pin size.

Shackles are primarily used in construction rigging and lifting. The size is specified by the diameter of the body not the size of the pin. Shackles 85 metric tons and larger can be provided as follows Non Destructive Tested Serialised Pin and Bow Material Certification Chemical certification must be requested at time of order.

Hot Dip galvanized or self colored. Shackles Quenched Tempered. Crosby 215 Carbon Round Pin Chain Shackles.

Carbon Maximum Working Load Tons Alloy Maximum Working Load Tons Inside Width at Pin in. With eirther Screw Collar Pins or Bolt Nut Split Pin. Weight Each lbs Dimensions in Tolerance -G-2130 S-2130 AB CD E F H L N 316 13 1019464 – 06 38 25 88 19 60 56 147 98 19 06 06 14 12 1019466 – 11 47 31 113 25 78 61 184 128 25 06 06.

To US Federal Specification RR-C-271D. Sizes 38 inch and below are mechanically galvanized. The maximum size of your anchor shackle is limited by the size of your anchor-chain links.

Size in Working Load Limit t G-209-A Stock No. D shackle sizes and capacity chart 2019 – 09 – 27. D shackle sizes and capacity is narrower than a bow or anchor shackle and generally have a threaded pin or pin close.

Use the formula for the size of a shackle with a safe working load and determine the minimum size shackle that should be used to secure the head block to. For Bow or D-shackles complying with AS2741 Grade M or4 D Shackle Grade S or 6 D Shackle Grade S or 6 Bow Shackle Up to 1000Kg 1000 4177-10 6mm WLL 250kg 6mm WLL 250kg 5mm WLL 250kg 1001 to 1600Kg. Inches Type IVA Shackle Size D P E W L B R 316 018 0240 0312 0375 0750 0562 0625 14 024 0300 0406 0469 0875 075 0875 516 030 0365 0469 0531 1031 0812 1 38 036 0430 0531 0656 1125 0938 1125.

Shackles All dimensions in mm Shackle No 835 with safety bolt Shackle No 834 with screw pin Dee Shackle No 835 Dee Shackle No 834 Split pin included Art. The ultimate load is the average load or force at which the product fails or no longer supports the load. Typically you can go up one size greater than the nominal size of our links-ie.

A 516-inch chain can take a 38-inch shackle but the surest way to ensure that you are getting the right size is to take a few connected links of chain with you to the chandlery and make sure the shackle pin actually fits the hole. Screw Pin and Bolt Type. Shackles can be furnished proof tested with certificates to.

Department of Energy Standard. Working Load Limit and grade 6 permanently shown on every shackle. 0845 270 2919 – INT.

Known as the DESIGN FACTOR it is usually computed by dividing the catalog ultimate load by the working load limit. Hot Dip Galvanised or Self Coloured Fatigue rated Stock No Dimensions mm Tolerance – Nominal Size in Working Load Limit. Alloy Shackle 51.

Shackles 25t and larger are RFID EQUIPPED. A clevis is used in less demanding applications such as farming and towing. Bow shackles and d shackle sizes are terms that are often used interchangeably as both names refer to a shackle with a larger rounded O shape look.

Screw pin WLL tonnes 61 Dim.

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